Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

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Sleek and Streamlined, The Omega Vert 350 is efficient!

The Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer is perfect for those who desire a masticating juicer without needing excessive counter space to store it. Since this machine sits upright, you can fit it easily on your counter top while still having enough space to prep and chop your fruits and vegetables. And, even more reassuring this juicing machine comes with a 10 Year full warranty on parts and motor

Why Low Speed?

Though they tend to be on the pricier side, low-speed (also known as masticating) juicers process your ingredients at a lower speed, preserving all of the delicate enzymes and nutrients that higher speeds can destroy. Since high-speed juicers tend to produce a bit of heat during the juicing process, these delicate enzymes can be diminished in the final product. The low speed of the Omega Vert 350 Heavy Duty also helps reduce the amount of oxidation that happens in your juice, so you can make a batch and drink it for the following 3 days without jeopardizing its nutrient value or fresh taste!

Simplicity of Use….

Chop up your ingredients, feed them through the chute, and push them down with the included “hopper”. This hopper is used to ease your ingredients down into the chute, speeding up the overall process and helping larger  ingredients move down to be processed.

This juicer is extremely easy to use. It only has three simple settings: on, off, and reverse. What is reverse you ask? If you try to shove too many ingredients in at once and something gets stuck, it can be a pain to stop the juicing process and have to take apart the entire machine. With this helpful reverse function, you simply “reverse”the process to unclog your machine! No disassembly required.



I just love the way she beams adoringly as she uses her Omega Vert Juicer, she makes it so, well, sexy !



Efficiency of the Omega Vert 350 Heavy Duty

First, the Omega VRT350 HD crushes your ingredients to extract the juice. Then, before expelling the pulp, it squeezes the pulp to ensure that the maximum amount of liquid is being extracted. Since juicing can get expensive, this is a very useful and  important aspect of this machine! Since the VRT350 is extremely efficient, you get more liquid out of less ingredients – saving you $$$$ in the process.

Two different spouts and two separate containers (one for juice, and one for pulp) eliminate mess and create fresh juice with ease. They are both 64 oz containers, so there’s no need to try to switch out glasses quickly. Trust me, you never win! You can juice for a handful of people without ever needing to switch out the juice jar, reducing the amount of liquid that spills all over your counter.I love the thought and design ideas which have gone into this juicer!

Why I love this Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Juicer

It’s quiet, which helps me stay on good terms with my housemates when I wake up and juice every morning. It’s easy to clean, which reduces the amount of time I take to clean up after every use. Being a masticating juicer, it makes very dry pulp, which is proof that it really is getting the most out of every ingredient I put into it! And its vertical stance makes it easy to fit on a countertop without having to scoot it around or put it away while I’m doing other things. While you may have to chop up your ingredients smaller in order to fit them all into the chute, you’ll save time and money in the long run due to the efficiency of the Omega VRT350 Low Speed Juicer.

  • Low Speed Juicing System squeezes instead of grinding which allows the juice to maintain it’s pure color, natural taste, nutrients and vitamins.
  • 10 Year full warranty on parts and motor
  • Quality  and convenience in one – Enjoy the convenience of size, space and ease of cleaning with the efficiency and high quality juice of a single auger masticating juicer
  • Low Speed Juicing System – two stage design crushes then squeezes your fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and even soybeans instead of grinding or cutting. This extraction method preserves all of the natural color, taste, nutrients and vitamins of what you are juicing.
  • Auto Cleaning System – simply pour water through between juicing different fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and more. Save time and effort.
  • 80 RPM for peak use efficiency
  • GE Ultem Auger with Crushing Ribs at the top support the initial crushing stage of juicing
  • GE Ultem Juicing Screen – 8 times stronger that prior model juicing screen
  • Equivalent to a 2 HP Motor
  • Commercial Condenser Brushless Motor
  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for Household and Commercial Approval



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