Kiwi-Klenz FAQ’S.

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What is in Kiwi-Klenz ?Kiwi-Klenz,fibre,digestion,bowel,colon

Just one capsule of Kiwi-Klenz contains the active components of two whole kiwifruit including the skins. This includes the kiwifruit enzymes, phenols and soluble fiber which are all critical components for good intestinal health.

How Does Kiwi-Klenz Work?

Kiwi-Klenz works in a number of different ways. Firstly it improves the digestion of proteins through the action of enzymes. Secondly it encourages the growth of good bacteria through natural prebiotic. Thirdly, the soluble fiber content may help improve bowel function, and lastly it inhibits the growth of pathogens (bad bacteria).

These in turn help to improve the assimilation of nutrients from food and supplements, improve the consistency of stools and help keep the colon clean. It can also help reduce the likelihood of toxins leaking into the blood stream.

Are there any side effects?

No…. Kiwi-Klenz is produced through the Aqua-Pure system, which uses no chemicals and no solvents to extract the goodness of two Kiwifruit.

There may however, a short period of time that your digestive tract adjusts to the product that you may feel a bit “gurgly”. This feeling is a good sign the product is working and will soon pass as your system gets use to the product.

How long does Kiwi-Klenz take to work?

Kiwi-Klenz can show benefits in as short as a few days but can take longer due to people’s individual digestion health and lifestyle. No matter how healthy your lifestyle, everyone will internally benefit from the product.

Can I open the capsule and put the powder on my food?

The Kiwi-Klenz is 100% kiwifruit, so yes you can open the capsule and add it to food. We strongly recommend that you only add it to cold food as heat will destroy the enzymes.

Why bother with a supplement when I can eat kiwifruit?

Most kiwifruit at supermarkets are not fresh, due to their limited shelf life during the picking season. There may be degradation of enzyme activity to ripen the fruit artificially.

One Kiwi-Klenz capsule is more beneficial and cost-effective than purchasing and consuming two kiwifruit every day, as it also features the nutrients from the skin which most people do not eat.

Why is your Kiwifruit product better than any of the other ones on the market?

Kiwi-Klenz is unique because of the superior manufacturing process called Aqua Pure extraction which ensures we retain the important nutrients naturally. It is actually a triple extract process which removes the actives as opposed to other kiwifruit supplements which is simply freeze dried pulp without the actives.

Other kiwifruit based supplements do not not retain the vital enzymes which can become damaged or destroyed as the normal processing requires heat. Kiwi-Klenz is produced without the application of heat.

Will Kiwi-Klenz help me to lose weight?

Kiwi-Klenz is not specifically designed to be a weight loss supplement but the potential for healthy weight loss is more likely when there is digestive balance.


Why does Xtend-Life not incorporate probiotics into the Kiwi-Klenz formula?

No Need to. The natural prebiotics in Kiwi-Klenz actually stimulate the growth of good bacteria in a natural way and is a better and safer option than taking probiotics.


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