Benefits of Bee Pollen

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Natural Bee Pollen has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It dates right back to the ancient Egyptians and early Chinese who used it to restore energy.

The Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian times placed bee pollen in their tombs to help nourish them in their afterlife. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician used bee pollen for healing. Hippocrates is the founding father of modern-day medicine.

Bee pollen refers to the plant pollen that collects on bees as they gather nectar. Pollen is the male seed of the flowers and is required for the fertilization of the plant. Bees work amazingly hard to collect pollen, One teaspoon of bee pollen contains more than two and a half billion grains of flower pollen.


Protein Plus with bee pollen

Dr. Danielle's Bee Well (Royal Jelly 1500mg, Propolis 1000mg, Beepollen 750mg) in 4 Daily CapsulesBee pollen is often referred to as natures most complete food as it contains nearly all of the nutrients required by humans .It is a complete protein source and is so nutrient rich, containing all the eight essential amino acids-the building blocks of protein-along with a vast array of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and lipids.

Scientists have found that bee pollen contains 35 % protein, 55 %carbohydrate, 3 % vitamins and minerals, 2 % fatty acids. Around half of the protein is in free amino acids which are very easily assimilated into your body.

Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and all the B vitamins, carotenoids which include beta-carotene, lecithin, magnesium and calcium.

Most importantly you will also find these super antioxidants lycopene, selenium, flavonoids and other polyphenolic substances that reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In short, bee pollen is a powerhouse of beneficial goodness.

Regain Your Bounce and Vitality

Enhanced energy, vitality and stamina. Many endurance athletes use bee pollen to enhance energy levels and to increase endurance.

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Scientific studies form animals and humans have shown that bee pollen results in an increases in red blood cells and hemoglobin. An animal study found that bee pollen increases hemoglobin and serum iron levels.

Meanwhile in a human study in combination with Chinese herbs, bee pollen was found to increase the number of red blood cells. Since hemoglobin or blood is responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells for energy metabolism, this is one of the ways bee pollen can increase your energy levels!

The high levels of pantothenic acid,B5 and Niacin,B3, and other B vitamins also assist in raising you energy levels .Pantothenic acid along with the other B vitamins enhance the function of your adrenal glands which may be under stress from prolonged periods of stress of day to day life.

Bee pollen contains the nucleic acids ribonucleic acid or RNA and deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA.RNA and DNA within the embody are responsible for growth , renewal and repair of your cells and both become depleted when you are subjected to stress, pollution an intensive exercise.

Benefits of Bee Pollen.

With its very rich nutritional , bee pollen is been used for premenstrual syndrome, improving alertness, enhancing concentration, easing joint pain, constipation, treating prostrate disorders, diarrhoea, and early aging. Bee pollen also helps to alleviate allergy symptoms, including hay fever. Scientists have discovered that bee pollen contains quercetin which works as a natural anti histamine by helping your body’s release of histamine.

Bee Pollen Capsules

Dr. Danielle's Bee Well
Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well Capsules

Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well  Daily Capsules capsules are  formulated by naturopathic physicans and is a biochemist formulated extract, utilizing a scientific non-chemical method and a blend of targeted enzymes and trace minerals, giving you the highest bio-availablity possible.


As we age, antioxidants become an integral and important part of our diet to ward of the aging process and the diseases  that can occur. Science has shown bee pollen to be full of highly effective antioxidants to keep our whole system in balance and expel toxins.

Bee Pollen Side Effects

If you have asthmas or are allergic to pollens, bee stings or bee products, it is important to avoid bee pollen altogether due to allergic or anaphylactic reactions.



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