10 Good Reasons to Rid your Body of Toxins

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Removing toxins from your body : Detoxifying

Cleansing focuses on clearing your digestive system of toxic wastes from a variety of causes and detoxifying concentrates solely on flushing toxins such as chemical substances and heavy metals from within your organs and cells. We share 10 good reasons to help you rid your body of toxins to bring health and vitality back into your life.

Whilst you may find that cleansing is a fantastic process, if you’re really serious about  detoxifying your body, you may like to take the whole process one step further.

Detoxification specifically targets particular toxins and areas of the body and it is a process which is generally more intense and for a longer period than cleansing.

Do You Suffer any of These….

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you may find a comprehensive detox program may be highly beneficial for you in rejuvenating your entire body and feeling healthy again.

  • Feeling sluggish, tired or lethargic and lacking energy for your daily tasks
  • Having difficulty concentrating, brain fatigue or maintaining concentration
  • Having body odor or bad breath
  • Prone to the flu, colds and bacterial or viral illnesses often
  • smoking or being exposed regularly to smoke
  • Regular exposure to industrial chemicals
  • Experiencing increasing allergies to a variety of foods
  • If you experience gas, indigestion or bloating after meals
  • Constipation
  • Eating a diet of heavily processed and refined foods

Your body removes toxins by processing them through the liver, kidneys, breath, urine, feces as well as sweating. When these flushing cleansing systems and organs become clogged and the toxins are unable to be removed, the body begins to store these dangerous substances in the liver, fat cells, kidneys and bone cells amongst other areas.

A thorough detox program is highly beneficial because although you may do your best to avoid being in contact with toxic chemicals and substances it’s not always possible to avoid them in our world.

10 Good Reasons to Rid your Body of Toxins

1) Emotional clarity:

2) Abundance of energy and stamina

3) Weight loss

4) Increased quality of life

5) Prevent and stop chronic diseases

6) Rejuvenated immune system

7) Improved physical appearance

8) Restore balance to your digestive system

9) Preventing  premature aging

10) Restful sleep
When you give your digestive system a rest with a comprehensive detox, your body doesn’t have to work so hard in breaking down foods which are  highly processed and filled with additives and chemicals. By nourishing your system with healthy organic and pure foods, your body kick starts its innate ability to bring itself back into a state of wellbeing and balance.

This state of balance shows outwardly with greater energy levels,  much improved physical appearance of glowing healthy skin, bright, clear eyes and a thinner figure from eating well and allowing your body to detox.

Identifying Toxic Substances

Liver studies of people who have been exposed to toxic substances will show fairly high levels of damaging herbicides, pesticides and PCBs-polychlorinated biphenyls as well as heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and others. Unfortunately the kidneys come under attack as well which may cause fatigue, weakness, poor performance and sluggishness and when these organs slow down, the toxic chemicals can be slowly reabsorbed back into the body via either the bloodstream or, if your colon is congested, via your colon

Heavy Metals TestIf you suspect you have high levels of toxic substances in your body, you may want to have scientific proof and this is where laboratory tests are useful in detecting toxic levels within your body.

This is great test you can use  in the privacy of your own home to analyze if you have heavy metals, toxins , herbicides and pesticides in your system.

You can also have tests done which will measure toxin levels in your fatty tissue and blood samples can be tested to measure toxic chemical exposure found in food, but these will need to be done by  a medical practitioner.

Heavy metals are generally stored in the kidneys, the immune system and brain. The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can include :

  • fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • indigestion
  • constipation
  • poor coordination
  • headaches
  • learning disabilities
  • behavioral problems
  • autistic spectrum disorders.

Chemicals such as solvents, pesticides, herbicides, food additives, drugs and alcohol are stored in the spleen, liver, fat cells and other body tissue. These can cause mental illness, depression, headaches, fatigue, nausea and many more symptoms

Bacteria and yeasts from the water and foods we eat can invade our whole system. These are generally stored within the digestive system and the colon. These tiny microbial toxins are linked to many disorders but a few of these are :

  • Crohn’s disease
  • psoriasis
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • immune disorders
  • liver
  • thyroid issues
  • ulcerative colitis to name a few.

This is why you should remove toxins in the body.

It is extremely hard to avoid being exposed to chemicals in our everyday modern world whether it be from, chemicals in food packaging, household cleaners, through damaged ears, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones in foods, a professor of personal care products, recycle their and even within your home. What is important is the quantity of the load which has been collecting in your body and becomes dangerous as we age. It’s not the small doses, it’s a constant exposure.

Scientific studies show this accumulation is directly linked with hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiency, immune deficiencies and an inefficient metabolism, all of which can greatly impact the body and lead to a feeling of general unwellness.

We really like Bio Smart Colon Cleanse, not just because its a great way to cleanse and detox but also because it is full of Acai Berries which are full of super powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants are important as they  help the body by supporting energy levels and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Combined with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices  to flush out and detox your digestive system, its really important to colon cleanse at the same time by sweeping the walls of your bowel clean of any impacted feces. This allows for both greater absorption of important vital nutrients as well as a clean bowel.

Really, when you think about it, these 10 good reasons to rid your body of toxins could be the start of a whole new approach to your health and subsequent wellbeing in your life!

Go out in the World and Sparkle,


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